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Yele Haiti Brand design

Yéle Haiti was an organization founded and led by Haitian-born hip hop musician Wyclef Jean, a non-political foundation intended to empower the people of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora to rebuild their nation. Started as an NGO, Yéle had more the spirit of a movement, combining the power of music with development tools in order to make a difference in the areas of education, health, environment and humanitarian assistance.

We created name, brand identity, look & feel, album cover, print ads, brand applications, digital strategy, website and overall communications framework. 

Wyclef wanted not only a “pretty” symbol but also something with a deep meaning. After many logos and brainstorming sessions, we arrived at the concept of “stop the violence and open your heart”. 

What it really works about this logo is that it transcended printed and digital media and became a symbol of peace, a game for children to use with their hands. Every time there was a picture related to the cause, everybody was flashing the Yéle symbol... and many important guests where following that lead! The logo started to appear on street art, crafts, and at some point it became a symbol of national pride.

There were many Yéle branded elements that we didn't create though; it evolved by itself —the movement expanded to t-shits, shoes and many other things.


Creative direction: A.F.CORTÉS + S.JARAMILLO

Design: A.F.CORTÉS + The vox creative team

Client: Yéle Haiti

Agency: The vox collective

Year: 2004

logo + look & feel  [click images to enlarge]

print add + mixtape design [click images to enlarge]

yéle moments [click images to enlarge]

yéle elements designed by others [click images to enlarge]