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the vox collective: brand mutation and evolution

Once upon a time back in 2002, three business partners started a small Hispanic advertising agency called Latinvox. Over the years they worked for prestigious companies like Macy’s, Verizon Wireless, 5/3 Bank, Chivas Regal, Stoli and MTV, among others. Their office was located in the cool Chelsea district in New York City, a place they called home.

Like any young company, they wanted —and needed— to differentiate themselves from the competition through good work and branding. The first step was a company logo, in this case an elegant type treatment, something that felt timeless. Bodoni was the font of choice by the “branding police”, a font that had been around the block for more than 200 years; in other words a classic.

The brand concept:

"Consistency through variation" —color variation.

The cardinal rule: every piece in a different color. 

So, yes, colors... and many of them!

As the brand evolved, the business flourished and Latinvox expanded. As the story goes... their little shop grew into a full fledge advertising agency offering creative services, media planning/buying, branding, direct marketing, strategic planning and digital services. A few years passed and AD Age included the agency on its “Top 25 multicultural agencies in the U.S.”, reaching #21. 

Not everything was perfect, as with any business growing at fast pace. They had many challenges, some clients came and went, some others committed for the long haul, one of the most difficult parts of the advertising business. Happy thoughts and great work turned into branding milestones. 

As the company expanded the brand did as well. They moved to larger offices and created many collateral materials, the company changed its name, philosophy and business offering. 

Change is good, change is God!

Fast forward to 2007, the agency became The Vox Collective, expanding its scope beyond the Hispanic market. It became a full-service advertising agency that created branding campaigns for general and multicultural markets. The company continued working for clients like Vonage, Macy’s, Yéle Haiti, ONDCP and Hennessey among others. They continued climbing the AD Age Top 25 agencies list to #16.

As their work evolved the brand became bolder, in your face, the typography became part of the message, and the colors drove the message even further. 

Press fast-forward once again to 2012 —you see? That’s a fast pace—. The little agency, was not that little anymore, it grew, it matured, it got an offer that it couldn't resist and it was acquired by the British digital firm Profero to be reborn: VoxProfero. (Now part of Lowe and Partners) 

At that point, the creative director and founding member —the one in charge of policing the brand—, decided to pursue his personal projects after many years in the business... If you got to this part of the story you might realize the I’m talking about me. It was hard to part and i'm sure success for the company will continue, but as I said before evolution is part of change, and change is…



Creative direction: A.F.CORTÉS 

Design: A.F.CORTÉS + The vox creative team

Agency: The vox collective

Year: 2002 - 2011

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reel [video]

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sales presentation

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