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ultrágeno cover design

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Back in 1997 right out of design school, I was offered the opportunity to design the CD cover for one the coolest Colombian rock bands. At the time I designed this cover they where well known in the underground scene, but later became legends in their own terms releasing another album and playing in the most important festivals. 

I wanted to capture their esoteric side. Ultrageno was a band with a metal sound, playing to an indie audience; an interesting contradiction. I took an unusual approach in this project: drinking many cups of coffee to get through the night to catch bugs to scan and include in the design. When I look back, bugs, in many ways, are still a constant in my projects. I guess bad habits never die. Sorry, many insects where harmed in the production of this cover. 

At the time I was designing corporate CD-ROMs -if you know the term you are over 35-, so we created an enhanced CD* with an interactive game inside. The purpose of this piece was finding the bands' video, hidden under an orange pill (this is before The Matrix and before a friend of mine named his son Neo). Anyhow, a CD-ROM is more nineties that grunge itself! But it was a really intersting project... It will be interesting to port the content to today's media, but that will be a project for some other time, the game only runs in classic Mac OS 9 and below. 

*Enhanced CD was the jargon for an Audio CD with an interactive section. That was the “BIG” thing in 90’s music. 


Design and killing insects inside the scanner: A.F.CORTÉS 

CD-ROM Programming: Yael Rzonwew

Year: CIRCA 1997

album cover elements [click images to enlarge]

old school enhanced CD* [click images to enlarge]