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PADF: or the greatest brand never created* 

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe this is the greatest brand ever created... You have to be in Paul Rand’s or Saul Bass’ leagues to declare that statement. I just like the term as it was coined by Stanley Kubrick referring his never produced Napoleon film. The term was later rephrased as the title of the book that tells the crazy ordeal of a movie that never saw the light of the day. The greatest movie never made. *

Ok, enough jabbing. The reason why this unfinished branding project exists is... Back in 2007 we started to work with the Pan-American Development Foundation, the largest foundation of the Organization of American States headquartered in Washington, D.C. 

For PADF we created a new identity, brand statement, brand applications and look and feel for collateral materials.  

The concept was very simple: keeping a direct connection with the organization's heritage, looking at the future and underscoring the present projects in the Pan-American region. The circle depicted unity, simplicity and strength. It was also neutral, giving equal importance to all parts of the Pan-American region (fig.1).  

After many months of work, and many meetings in Washington, briefings, brainstorming meetings and more than 200 different logo options, we created a symbol that abstracted the different OAS country flags unified into one symbol (fig.2).  

We created the brand statement: We are Pan-American. 

The idea was to make the organization more inclusive of the region, the philanthropic community, general public and projects benefited by their programs. 

We also created many applications for the brand, but unfortunately for internal reasons the organization decided not to move forward with the project... and that left us with a terrible case of brandus interruptus. 

As anyone working in the industry, we all know that we were not the first, nor the last to be in this situation. In the end, I do think it was an amazing experience and honestly a great honor to work with such a great organization and a great client as well! As someone really smart said: the journey is more important than the final destination. In this particular case the statement is completely accurate, we really learned many things with this project and I’m proud of the work we created, even though this iteration of the brand never saw the light of the day.


Creative direction: A.F.CORTÉS

Design: The vox creative team

Client: Pan-American Development Foundation

Agency: The vox collective

Year: 2007

the logo

brand concept, fig. 1 + fig. 2 [click on images to enlarge]

bilingual identity + brand statement [click on images to enlarge]

brand applications [click on images to enlarge]