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méxicoNOW 2006

Our beloved contemporary arts festival was getting ready for another year of Mexican contemporary art, films, music, literature and dance, when they received great news: The festival received a “proclamation” from the mayor of the city of New York, legitimizing in the eyes of the city "celebrate mexiconow festival" as a cultural landmark on the city. Irrelevant info for our case study but cool in any case. 

After two successful years with the festival we needed to reinvent the concept, expanding our look and feel but keeping a connection with previous years. 

We created a concept called: the "the art explosion" of Mexico in NYC. 

For the execution of the concept we took a completely analogue approach, creating a maquette with cutout figures from the different images of artwork and artists attending.


With this year we switched the brochure to a square, giving a different life to the "constructivist" look and feel. 

2008 - inward

In the following years we reinvented the brochure as a folding poster, with the image of the festival in one side and the event calendar on the other.


Creative direction: A.F.CORTÉS

Design: A.F.CORTÉS + The vox creative team

Client: CN Management

Agency: the vox collective

Cover Photography: Martirene Alcantara

Year: 2007 - 2009

"analogue" look and feel [click on images to enlarge]

brochure [click on images to enlarge]

web [click on image to enlarge]

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following year posters [click on images to enlarge]