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méxicoNOW festival 2005

2005 started with some turmoil because of new management in the festival. For us it was a great opportunity to rebrand the organization and the festival while maintaining certain continuity with the previous campaign. The festival stayed true to its values: a wide arts festival in New York City to showcase the thriving contemporary art scene in Mexico, and again covered contemporary art, film, dance, cuisine, literature and music.

We created a new logo and evolved the look & feel. We literally tore down the previous look and feel and created a new visual style based on the constructivist lines of Russian avant-garde art. We decided to keep some continuity with the concept of the campaign: tear down clichés about Mexico and reveal a contemporary art scene new to New York. 

This was the year when we created the most pieces for the campaign, including an animated TV spot, a brochure, website, print ads and all sorts of collateral materials.  

The Brochure: In New York there's a fierce competition in the art festivals scene. That said, we created a horizontal, odd-sized brochure based on the popular Playbill, with a heavy paper, limiting ourselves to two colors to make a bolder visual impact. Our client was happy with the results not only because it was within the budget but also because it was creative and unique.  

TV: We created an animated TV spot with images from the artists that participated in the festival. 

Website: The website was the operation hub, keeping a real time calendar with all the information about the events. 


Creative direction: A.F.CORTÉS

Design: A.F.CORTÉS + The vox creative team

Client: CN Management

Agency: The vox collective

Print campaign photography: Jack Miskell

TV Animation: Kompost NYC

Year: 2005

the logo

logo concept [click on images to enlarge]

look & feel [click on images to enlarge]

brochure [click on images to enlarge]

tv spot [video]