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méxicoNOW 2004


The original mexicoNOW, and by "original" I mean the first on my list. 

Back in 2004 the now defunct organization Arts International approached us with the idea of creating a city-wide arts festival in New York City to showcase the thriving contemporary art scene in Mexico. The festival covered the entire spectrum: contemporary art, avant-garde film, dance, cuisine and music. 

Our concept: peel the clichés back (a.k.a. mariachis and lucha libre) and reveal a contemporary art scene. 

We created a range of printed materials: a bilingual brochure, print ads and out-of-home ads, among many other pieces. 


Creative direction: A.F.CORTÉS

Design: A.F.CORTÉS + The vox collective creative team

Client: Arts International

Agency: The vox collective

Print campaign: Photography: Jack Miskell

TV: Animation: Kompost NYC 

Year: 2004

key art [click on image to enlarge]

brochure [click on images to enlarge]

print ad [click on image to enlarge]

old school polaroids from the photoshoot [click on image to enlarge]