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Greetings fellow earthlings of the interwebs, welcome to my website or in better words: the clear manifestation of my severe ADD. For as long as I can remember I wanted to dedicate my life to several areas of the visual arts. On these pages you will find some examples of my work in film, design, advertising and photography. As a completist and geek, I tried to add as much information as possible on each case study, and I'll be adding more as I get the time to update this site and I continue my digital archeological project of finding old work in all sorts of digital and analogue media. 

Disclaimer: the opinions on this site are my sole points of view and frivolous writings about the process of making films, designing and taking pictures. The texts on this website don't reflect the opinion of any agency, client, government, planet or any other living thing besides me, myself and I. Have a nice day. :) –A.F.C.