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Sex, drugs and punk rock!


Branding, look & feel, album cover design and photography for Guillotine Riot, an indie punk band from New York City. 

What would you do if you need to design a cover for an album called “The Violent Sex”? In my opinion, there are two routes: literal porno or suggestive sensuality... Well, I picked the second one. It might be a third route, the bizarre option, with ponies and unicorns... maybe some other day —and I’m damn serious!

After experimenting with many concepts I decided to go with a bold image of a recognizable every day element, and switching the color to create the suggestive treatment. The result was an unintentional homage to Andy Warhol and his timeless Velvet Underground cover.

We also did a photo shoot for the band in the streets of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where my friend -the drummer of the band- lives.


album artwork [click on image to enlarge]


Design and photography: A.F.CORTÉS

Year: 2012



band logo [click on image to enlarge]

album cover, alternate design, and poster. [click on images to enlarge]