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DRIBBLE: An active sports apparel line. 

Dribble is a youth brand inspired by global culture, street sports and lifestyle. 

We created all the brand communications materials, including name, identity, brand applications and two different lines of clothing: “Gothic Punk” and the “World World Cup”

We created an irreverent voice for the brand that we called dribbleisms:

  • dribble says: it’s called football not soccer. be South Africa 2010
  • dribble says: why hold it when you can kick it. be South Africa 2010



Creative direction + design: A.F.CORTÉS 

Additional design soccer line: it’s all good nyc

Client: KA 

Agency: The vox collective

Year: 2010

logo elements [click on images to enlarge]

skateboards [click on images to enlarge]

gothic punk line [click on images to enlarge]

world cup line [click on images to enlarge]