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Breakthrough: It starts with you. 

We had the opportunity to rebrand Breakthrough, a global human rights organization that uses the power of media, pop culture, and community mobilization to inspire people to take bold action for dignity, equality and justice.

For this global organization we created brand positioning, brand architecture, new brand identity, tagline, brand applications and annual report. 

The concept was to create a direct call to action within the symbol, using the domino effect to convey that anyone’s actions can help to make a positive change. 

Here you can see the original sketches for the logo and a glimpse of the brand guidelines. 

The look and feel incorporated empowering images, integrating the symbol with the typography. 

We also created the brand statement: It starts with you. That later evolved into “Human Rights start with you”. In any case we wanted to underscore the idea that the actions of any individual can make a change in many human rights situations.


Creative direction + design: A.F.CORTÉS

Additional design and copy: The vox collective creative team

Client: Breakthrough

Agency: The vox collective

Year: 2011


- logo [click on image to enlarge]

 look & feel  [click on images to enlarge]

logo sketches + branding elements  [click on images to enlarge]

annual report  [click on images to enlarge]